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Who are we?

We are professional software engineers and entrepreneurs that come together to find solutions to real-world problems.

What do we do?

We use the latest tech in the world and apply them to the problems and applications that our clients tackle. We believe that disruption comes with a different mindset and can be applied to any field if you have a good team.

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Blockchain Development

Blockchain is a technology that evolves every day. It is a distributed, secure ledger system that helps companies to extend, track, share data. We helped several companies from financing to telco and supply chain to start their blockchain journey and transformed their mindset to disrupt their sector.

Mobile & Web App Development

We build mobile apps for every platform and purpose, using a wide array of cross-platform tools like React-Native, Ionic.

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Cloud & Devops Development

We provide high-quality cloud-based solutions for all cloud service models and environments, for AWS, GCP and Azure and Oracle Cloud.


Ercan Işık

Founder & Solution Architect
Fatih Kaya

Project & Product Manager
Emre Ertürk

Software Engineer
Murat Doğan

Software Engineer
Ümit Kadiroğlu

Software Engineer
Ezgi Aras

Business Analyst
Anıl Işık


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